Friday, September 21, 2018


Hello everybody, hope you're having just the weather you want where you are ... here today is raining, and yes I am pleased!  The land needs it and it also means that I don't have to water it, which means more time available in the workshop, where I'm currently 'mosaic-ing' the floor, it's a big project and I'm keen to get in there and make some new scarves and mufflers for this season. 

With that in mind I'm looking at brooches, brooches and scarves go together like cheese and wine.

In the next few days I'll post some lovely old antique and vintage silver brooches, it's no good waiting for that floor to be finished, you need them now! 

There is a lovely FRENCH silver 3 flower vintage brooch ...

A sumptuous vintage/antique ARABIAN style HUGE brooch ...

An EGYPTIAN REVIVAL French rolled gold brooch ...

So please watch this space and be ready to get that bargain, that unusual piece that sets you apart from the crowd, speak soon, with best wishes to you all, Shirley

Thursday, September 13, 2018


Hi, Bonjour!
I've just posted this lovely example of Art Nouveau silver onto, don't miss the opportunity to own this! 

Je viens de poster ce bel exemple d'Argent Art Nouveau sur, ne manquez pas l'opportunité de le posséder!


Art Nouveau Boucle de Ceinture en argent massif ou boucle de l'infirmière.
Entièrement poinçonné avec Ancre for Birmingham, England, Lion pour sterling, petit 'a' pour 1900; et T.Bros pour Turnbull Brothers.
Un tres beau design de volutes feuillues percées dans le style Art Nouveau.

CONDITION:  légères rayures superficielles correspondant à une légère usure.
TAILLE:  85mm x 58mm
POIDS:  35 grammes.
PRIX:  €120
ou offre raisonnable acceptée

FRAIS DE PORT:  €8 Colissimo Recommandé

SIRET: 504.901.968.00017

Détails des conditions de retour, si nécessaire ...

• Frais de livraison et réexpédition : à la charge de l’acheteur.
• Etat de l'objet : Réexpédié dans l’emballage d’origine identique à l’envoi – accepté après notre accord.
• Remboursement : par le même mode de paiement après réception et contrôle.
• Délais: sept jours à date de réception.

Tout objet endommagé par le client, entrainera des frais de remise en état à sa charge avant le remboursement intégral.

Les objets retournés doivent être dans le même état qu'a l'expédition.


Wednesday, September 12, 2018


Hi One and All, I've just posted this on, a lovely piece of Art Nouveau!


ART NOUVEAU MEDAILLE Exposition Universelle 1900 en Bronze Cuivré sur le théme d'Orpheus avec sa lyre.  C'est finement cisilée et signée par Alexandre Lucien COUDRAY 1864-1932 produite pour l'Expo Universelle 1900.  Sur le bord est marqué "BRONZE" et une corne d'abondance qui est la marque de fabrique de la fonderie de la Monnaie de Paris.
De l'autre côté, il y a une zone dans le design réservée à une inscription personnelle, qui reste vide.

ETAT:  ancienne "dans son jus": la médaille a des marques de surface et des coups (voir le nez sur la photo) correspondant à son âge... Je n'ai pas nettoyé la médaille et la médaille a une bonne patine (elle a plus de 100 ans!) La boîte, bien que marquée "Exposition Universelle 1900" me semble un peu petite, est cependant incluse dans la vente car c'est comme ça qu'elle est venue pour moi. De plus, le couvercle de la boîte se sépare de la boîte, mais pourrait être réparé, mais pas par moi!

DIAMETRE: 6.8 cm x 0.75 cm profondeur
POIDS:  134grams

PRIX:  €125
ou offre raisonnable acceptée

FRAIS DE PORT:  €8 standard lettre

SIRET: 504.901.968.00017

Détails des conditions de retour, si nécessaire ...

• Frais de livraison et réexpédition : à la charge de l’acheteur.
• Etat de l'objet : Réexpédié dans l’emballage d’origine identique à l’envoi – accepté après notre accord.
• Remboursement : par le même mode de paiement après réception et contrôle.
• Délais: sept jours à date de réception.

Tout objet endommagé par le client, entrainera des frais de remise en état à sa charge avant le remboursement intégral.

Les objets retournés doivent être dans le même état qu'a l'expédition.


Sunday, July 29, 2018


JULY 2018 ...  FIRST WRITTEN APRIL 2015  - There have been some changes since I first wrote this article, or maybe some things are becoming more intense, revelation seems to be unfolding before our eyes, time to read the gospels and the revelation of John, again, and again ...


'A little writing' of one column, about my impressions of the church today.  That was the request given to me by a 'free' church leader not long after I had given my life to Christ Jesus.  No small request for an unchurched new-born ...

As my spiritual history in the 'church' is short I'll give a little background:  I was overjoyed to find the Truth and a congregation to worship with.  I had naively said how pleased I was to eventually join a group of people who thought the same ...  which my husband thought humorous, (ironically speaking,  for he has been born again for four decades).  Indeed I was surprised to discover just how varied and numerous were the Christian denominations, differing beliefs about the Word, believers accepting the theory of evolution, disowning the old testament as irrelevant for today, dismissing Biblical stories like Noah and the flood, David and Goliath, the crossing of the Red Sea and even Jesus Himself as mere allegory.  Disappointing for one who accepts all of the supernatural Word of God, which I believe the Bible to be.

Who are the 'church' - the 'body of Christ'?  Some of you were raised in Christian families, others made your own discovery a long lifetime ago, some see religion intellectually, while others experience the Spirit tangibly, others are newly re-born and, like any young creature, hungry for nourishment, wanting more of Him constantly, ready to stand firm in the Truth.  I think I understand now what Don Latham  (a visiting speaker) meant when he said "Ah, a new Christian.  I love new Christians."  It's the passion and the zeal!

Jesus is our very best friend for He tells us "I am the way, the truth and the life.  No one comes to the Father except through me."  John 14:6.  I believe we, the church, are in a defining moment, it's time to ground ourselves fully in Jesus, not in the factious religious doctrine of the churches which often serves to cause rifts between believers, and don't let anyone tell you it's ok not to worship!  Prayer and worship are our vital connection to God, Paul says that "In Him (Jesus) and through faith in Him we may approach God with freedom and confidence"  Eph 3:12.  It's time to recognize our enemy, if one hasn't really repented from the world, one has an obstacle - one cannot discern what is of God and what is of the world: a tricky place of lies and deceptions, some so subtle and convincing, so commonplace and ordinary, that the whistle-blower is made to look a fool ...

I'm sure that our Lord Jesus revealed Himself to me in this time for a reason, I have been a long time in the world and seen much rottenness and found myself in situations that I now realize that He saved me from.  I believe and many do, that we are in Revelation times, and it rests heavily on my heart that 'the church', each individual, rededicates him and herself to our Sovereign Lord Jesus because time has passed and we have without doubt moved into a new phase of the world.  Revelations seem to be unfolding fast, consider:  the huge increase in earthquakes and weird weather phenomena (as I write heat records are being broken); the rise of IS violence towards Jews and Christians and the murder and displacement of thousands of peoples (as I write we are told, not by the main-stream news, that 6000 Nigerian Christians have been slaughtered since the beginning of this year, now July 2018); the Vatican now worships Lucifer in their mass and has called Jesus 'son of Lucifer'!  interestingly the Vatican have an attachment to a vast telescope on Mount Graham, USA called the 'Large binocular telescope near-infrared spectroscopic utility with camera and integral field unit for extra-galactic research' and known by the acronym L.U.C.I.F.E.R. with which they watch for extra-terrestrial activity, you couldn't make this stuff up, as 'they' say!  Apparently a Vatican spokesman has said they would be happy to baptize any aliens they find!  Actually I'll go out on a limb and say that I believe that aliens are demons!; staying with the Vatican for a moment, the Pope has warned that it is dangerous to speak directly to God, that we must speak through a priest, just to remind you what is already written, Jesus tells us that the only way to the Father is through Him.  In America the Bible is banned in many schools, though I wonder if President Trump may have changed that ...;  Palestine has vowed to wipe Israel off the map and indeed it is reported that their new maps do not show Israel.  Find out about politics (what do the whistle-blowers say regarding NWO?) from other sources than the television news or newspapers.  Explore history with new eyes!  The rise of technology is interesting, consider the microchip implant, it was new at the time of writing but is now fitted into many people around the world, read Rev 13:16  Imagery in architecture in public spaces: check out Denver airport;  consider the amount of occult practices easily available in your high street: tarot, clairvoyancy, pendling, reiki, horoscopes, healings not of Jesus, crystal balls, amulets, ouija boards etc ...
... and don't get me started about Hollywood and the music industry whose videos and performances are now often blatantly satanic!

Please check out these changes for yourself, I am trying squeeze a lot into one tiny column, don't tell yourself it's nothing, don't let that little voice in your ear convince you it's all coincidence.

Brothers and sisters I pray that you will:  turn off the television, radio, habitual film evening, mesmerizing electronic toys, all this pointless entertainment, and question everything including 'my little writing', research everything, pray to Jesus for knowledge and discernment, wisdom.

It's time to wake up!  Satan's plan has a long history, it goes back to the Garden of Eden, before ...  but Jesus knows all the enemies plans and devices.  Brothers and sisters if you are tired and disillusioned take heart, feed off the energy Jesus pours into every newly re-born spirit, don't let my little writings be for nothing, for I do them in obedience to God Almighty and for the love of Jesus and the Holy Spirit.  In John 4:23-24 Jesus says "a time is coming and has now come when the true worshippers will worship the Father in spirit and truth, for they are the kind of worshippers the Father seeks.  God is spirit, and His worshippers must worship in spirit and truth".  Please pray for a deep understanding of this.

God is seeking worshippers!  
I believe our best worship is when we give thanks for prayers answered, this is true relationship, it's personal and when in relationship with someone we do not forget about that person!  I pray that my writing pleases You Abba Father.  I pray the blessings of Jesus on all who read this and that it will be a blessing to you.  Shalom!

ADDENDUM:  This writing that I was asked to do was never used or published, why? because it wasn't what they wanted me to say!  I was supposed to say how cool everything was!  I no longer attend a church group meeting, for the factious reasons already stated.  I worship daily with my husband and hardly miss the opportunity to 'put God in the picture' of our everyday lives, in fact it becomes like a motto.  We constantly give thanks for everything.  Amen!

Friday, July 27, 2018

TESTIMONY - what IS a nephilim?

TESTIMONY ... SHIRLEY HOW  ...  written MARCH 2015 ...  posted JULY 2018  ...  FRANCE

This is my testimony, my salvation story.

I once knew a foul-mouthed woman who had become embittered by life's losses and a lack of self-worth.  She spent her life living in two worlds:  one was a cannabis haze, the other was a search for the TRUTH.  She was a product of the 1970's - a hippy.  She was lost.  She was conforming to world stereotyping and conditioning, and didn't know what to do to find some satisfaction in life, and a sense of identity.  All rather negative stuff.

On the bright side, she was energetic and creative.  Perhaps her happiest times were when engrossed in designing and making something - things which she would often give away to those who admired them.  Money and materialism held little interest to her.  A dull job was not considered worth the sacrifice of self - for money.  Music, appreciated through the expression of dance, also made her happy.  And because she had suffered she had compassion.  But she did not know God!

She was aware of the spirit world, having had some strange experiences, but like most people she did not understand it.  It was yet another danger zone.  Relationships came and went as she discovered there was no substance in them, no solid foundation, no TRUTH.  Long difficult decades passed.  She fell down but she got back up again.  After one such fall in her twenties she had prophetically said to herself, though she didn't know it at the time, that when she was aged sixty she might have a modicum of wisdom.  Ha! ha!

In her forties life took on a new turn when she earned an art's degree, then started her business, followed by teaching/sharing.  Although satisfying, she was still looking for the TRUTH.

That poor woman died three years ago.  Praise God!


Just over a year ago I was trawling the internet, Youtube actually, and drifted into videos about archeology.  There were suggestions that some humanoid skeletons and their documentation had been removed from public view by the Smithsonian Museum, USA.  These bones were interesting because they had certain anomalies such as: six fingers and toes, double rows of teeth, or a deep cavity where an overly long tooth had once lodged, fang-like, and they had elongated heads with skull-caps quite different from our own.  Also they were HUGE!

There are many videos about giants on Youtube, and I have watched many of them.  These gigantic bones are to be found all over the world.  Amazing that we know nothing about them ...  One day I found a video titled "Giants, Fallen Angels and Nephilim".  Well I knew something about giants, had heard something somewhere about fallen angels, but what was a nephilim? 
The video explained thus:
"There were giants in the land in those days and also afterwards - when the sons of God went into the daughters of men and had children by them."  Genesis 6:4


And so, as simply and as shockingly as that, the Bible came alive to me, over the internet.  Our Heavenly Father put His hand on me and woke me up, to the TRUTH!  Yeah!  This often overlooked verse in Genesis shouts the TRUTH to me, it makes sense of the mucky world we live in.  It explains why we have sin in the world.  I chose to follow Jesus because He is the TRUTH. 
 In that moment I believed.
I didn't understand about Jesus, that came later, and continues to reveal.
But I believed.

I knew I needed Jesus because through the Word of God I saw a TRUTH that had been hidden from me - a powerful world His-story hit home in my brain, it rocked my world view ... and confirmed my worldly doubts.  I called to Tim (who had not evangelized me in almost twenty years but had answered questions regarding his faith), "It's all TRUE!" - what is?, - "the world is a lie and the Bible is the TRUTH!" - yes! "Tim what shall I do?"  Tim had by now hurried from the next room and was witnessing my meltdown ... give yourself to Jesus! he said!  ... simple!
Thank You FatherJesusSpirit for Tim's ministry to me - for Tim's training and personal experiences and patience, over forty years reborn.

He taught me how to repent and how to invite Jesus into my life.  I gave myself in that moment - no further questions!  I cried a lot in that time, and continued crying and sobbing as Jesus put my mistakes (sins) before me - repentance was painful.  Six decades worth!  This intensity lasted two or three weeks, then subsided, somewhat ...  Pain and peace.  JESUS  The learning curve continues, I'm hungry and thirsty for JESUS' TRUTH, for relationship with my Heavenly Father, to know the Presence.  I want to be a place where the Holy Spirit wants to rest.  I say wear me like a glove, 100% of You in 100% of me!

What difference has Jesus made in my life?  TOTAL!  Really!  I died to this world - that was not so difficult, I never really liked it.  I am reborn in Christ Jesus, turned around and remade - a brand new creature.  I am His willing servant.  And, although scary, I am on a mission to share my unique story, and if my strange salvation story brings only one other person to Jesus ... WOW!  I am repented 180° and dedicated " here I am Father".  But it's not about me - It's about HIM!

I pray the peace of Jesus on all who read this.  

Wednesday, July 25, 2018


Well I thought it was probably the appropriate thing to do, to let you know a little about me.  I have several decades behind me and, perhaps as a consequence of time, I have several interests, mostly around the arts and crafts, both as a designer and maker, but also as an appreciator of the works of others.

I have  always liked jewellery, semi precious stones and silver in particular, but also natural materials like coconut which we used to make a variety of objects in Sicily ages ago.  Just one of life's interesting adventures.

When I finally took my degree it was in 3D Design specializing in flat glass practices and then went on to further studies and eventually starting a stained glass business with my partner, now husband.  As I got older I was less interested in the occupational activity of climbing ladders to install heavy leaded glass panels and returned to my former interest, but this time using glass and fine silver clay for my jewellery.

To compliment this renewed interest in designing and making accessories, a further personal study in the craft of nuno felting techniques followed with some new products ...  ... which I hope to be able to post soon as my new workshop is taking shape right now!

I am an avid gardener both for our food and for flowers and shrubs and the shelter of trees, with this increasing seering heat (July 2018) we need more shelter than ever as do the birds and other creatures.  I hope to create a wildlife pond in the coming year following one that I inherited at our last property in Stourbridge, England, where I spend many contented hours watching the watery activities of frogs, newts, dragonflies and so on.

We moved from England to France at the end of 2007 when a 'gut instinct' caused us to sell up and pay off our mortgage and business overdraft and buy a property in France, and while it has been challenging it has been a super good move for us.  Now in our second French house we could not really be happier, we could never have bought a property in England like this, detached and with our garden all around and in full countryside ...  we are feeling truly blessed!  ... and talking of blessings if you are interested then please read my testimony telling how I came to Jesus Christ, even if you're not spiritual or religious you may find it an amusing or interesting read.

A life long interest in old and unusual objets d'art, naive utility objects, antiques and collectables has lead to a large collection which I am now releasing into the market place.

Thank you for reading this intro and for visiting my blog, please come back soon as I'll be adding more from my collections ...

Friday, July 20, 2018



A real classic Navajo design, the naje form resembling somewhat a down-turned horse-shoe.  It has appeared in American Indian silverwork since it's inception, where it comes from is conjectured but possibly from Spanish culture via their Mexican neighbours.

The hand-rolled graduated turquoise heishi beads of the necklace are traditional southwestern style, and it is teamed with hand-made silver bench beads and cones.  The bench beads or Navajo beads/pearls are made in two sections thus: two pieces of flat silver (formally flattened by hand hammering but now rollered) is rapousséed into a female mould and soldered together to form a hollow bead, here we have examples of flat and oval.  The silver cones are hand-stamped with what appears to be a floral design.  The clasp is a hook and eye type.

The naje pendant is quite interesting and although it follows a traditional form it's design is one that I haven't seen elsewhere on a naje.  It speaks to me to be a broken arrow which might symbolize a cessation of hostilities or perhaps a lightening bolt which may carry spiritual significance, or perhaps a combination of the two ...  the pendant itself is a weighty 40-ish grams of cast sterling silver heavily textured with various designs and with a feathered end-piece.  So, an arrow, broken?  It is signed on the back with IJS and a tiny copyright symbol, SS and STERLING.

... and yes it can be for sale if you are interested, please contact!

Tuesday, June 26, 2018


Native American Indian and Pueblo Jewellery/Jewelry

Recently an American friend and mentor asked me if native American Indian jewellery was much known in Europe, well I had to say "I didn't think so", so if that be the case I am about to try and change that ...

'It' is an interesting if somewhat short history which I shall illustrate with pieces from my collection ...  I shall start with a sterling silver multi stone inlay pendant the design of which exemplifies the changes which took place in the life of the American Indian.

The Navajo people were the first of the tribes to learn to work silver at some time during 1850-1870 though they wore silver before this.  The arrival of the train brought new tools and tourists to the trading posts so that the silversmiths might both upgrade the design and quality of their work and have the opportunity to sell it ...  by the turn of the century the Fred Harvey Company greatly influenced the commerciality of silver work, there is much to be said about this but not here and not now ...

The design of this pendant by Rita Dawes encapsulates the changing history of a tribe of people who had been living a 'primitive' life and suddenly embraced (had to really) a new culture, the western industrial, commercial and touristic culture.  The railroad track cut through the land, everything it brought with it was new and interesting in some respect to the native Indian who adopted aspects of western dress, the long braided hair under that rigid western  hat.  It's a classic image!  The long nose train sweeping everything out of it's way and it's carriages bringing strange people.  

Now to the workmanship of this pendant.  It is sumptuous in it's fine detail and closely cut stones of variously coloured turquoise, lapis lazuli and onyx describing a man partially seen, as tho' coming out of the shadows, his two-tone hat sheer poetry and braided hair lying atop western style clothing. The background is a patchwork of green turquoise echoing the curved turquoise sections of the large finger ring size bail which is just lovely in itself.  The silver work, meticulously cut out from sheet silver by hand, carries traditional Navajo hand stamping and fine detail engraving on the train image and the surrounding border of the picture image, which incidentally echoes railroad track.  Altogether a very 'rounded' and well thought-out design!

This striking pendant weighs a generous 69 grams and is unassumingly stamped with a D and Sterling in italics.  This is a contemporary piece and yet I can find out nothing about it's maker: D which apparently stands for Rita Dawes.  I asked the seller of this piece prior to buying, something about it's author but they did not respond, I have looked in my reference books and searched online but can find nothing ...  I even wrote to a Rita Dawes in one of the pueblos but got no response, so if you know anything I'd be grateful to hear from you!

A thought!   There is something in particular about this piece that I didn't mention above ...  this pendant is a 'Story Teller' - it's a concept that I really like, that images are combined into one small space and convey a story, a history, an idea, an aspiration ...

A Running Thread

Coming soon:
Navajo Earrings; Turquoise necklace